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The horror! Friday the 13th plagued by server issues, gradually improving


Friday the 13th [official site], the brutal 1v7 slasher sim, has got off to a bumpy start. As soon as developers Gun Media and IllFonic let players loose with masked maniac Jason Voorhees earlier this week, the game's servers started crashing.

When it works it's a tense multiplayer romp, says Adam, but many players are currently unable to get their foot in the creaky cabin door. The team have been up all night fixing a 'Game Database Login Failure' that was caused by too many people flooding its servers, but the problem persists.

In a post on Steam yesterday, the developers said:

"That is a server migration issue. Basically we're turning off our first set of servers and upgrading servers to be more widely usable for people around the world (we want you to play with people close to you, but not have you waiting for too long). We have upgraded to servers that should very easily be able to handle everyone, but we want to say that issues like this login problem might show up.

"Our team was in the office until 4AM EST, some guys are still working, but most are getting some sleep. Heck, I finally got some sleep and will be up as long as I can for you guys here.

"We are working on servers like a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, I promise you. "

Some users are able to log-in, some aren't. In an update on that Steam post earlier today the developer said that players' accounts were slowly beginning to come back online.

"Users might start seeing their accounts come back, though they will see Lvl. 0 displayed with everything unlocked. This seems be getting stable. We are *pretty* sure that all of your save data is on the backend, still being tracked, but not displaying on your client. This is progress, but in no way final progress. Should have more info."

A quick look at the team's Twitter page tells you that they're determined to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Let's hope they can sort the issues out soon so that we can spend our bank holiday Monday impaling survivors on giant metal spikes.

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