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Friends & Foes alike hop aboard the Monster Train today

Take a seat next to me, pal.

We've got some new passengers aboard the Monster Train, folks, so let's clear some seats and make some room. The Friends & Foes update arrives today, bringing a party of new heroes aboard the one-way trip to hell - alongside two new baddies, a more chilled-out final boss, and some shiny new artifacts to pick up along the way. Choo-choo, deckbuilders.

Friends & Foes', well, friends and foes made their debut in a new trailer posted earlier today. Keep your friends close, and all that.

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Today's update adds, well, a bunch of friends and some nasty few foes to meet aboard the Monster Train. Five new “Exiled” champions, pictured in the header, can now take their seats on the train - assuming they can make their way past two new bosses. Talos and Archus can now slot in for Daedalus and Fel at the 3rd and 6th stops, while the final boss now has a new "patient" variant. Taking it slow, eh?

Friends & Foes also adds five new artifacts (one for each clan), and personal records to keep track of your fastest runs. Of course, there's also a full carriage of bug fixes and balance changes, a full list of which can be caught over on the Steam announcement post.

Former RPS-er Matt Cox (blimey, that'll take some getting used to) was big into Monster Train, boldly claiming it might be the best deckbuilder since Slay The Spire. If you've been putting it off 'til now, Monster Train is currently 20% off over on Steam at £15.59/€16.79/$19.99 - and is now available on GOG too.

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