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Monster Train's Last Divinity DLC out now, adds new clan and harder boss

Not that I, personally, needed it to be harder

Monster Train was one of our favourite games of 2020, a deckbuilder about battling monsters on a multi-storey train through hell. Our review even dared to say it was as good as Slay The Spire.

It's therefore v. good news that the first big chunk of DLC is out now. The Last Divinity adds a new clan, called the Wurmkin, and an even-harder final boss.

The video below opens with a trailer for the DLC, before heading into a presentation of its new features by Shiny Shoe developer Mark Cooke.

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Monster Train had five clans, each with its own deck of abilities to play, and the chitinous, bug-like Wurmkin are the sixth. If you choose them as either your primary or allied clan for a run, some of your cards will be "infused", which means that when you deploy them in a fight they'll drop a 'Charged Echo' around your enemies. These can then be triggered by other cards to deal extra damage, or spent as a resource. It seems like a new way to plan ahead and stack ridiculous amounts of damage together.

The DLC also adds Pact Shards, which are a collectible resource which make the game more difficult with each new ring of hell by increasing the chance of extra strong enemies boarding your train during fights. It's by collecting 100 of these before the end of the game that you gain access to the The Last Divinity, the game's new hardest boss.

Alongside the paid DLC, there's also a free update that introduces sweeping tweaks to the balance of cards, champions and every other element of the base game. These are detailed in the full patch notes, and are extensive enough that the post notes that some existing mods may no longer work.

Monster Train's The Last Divinity DLC is available on Steam where, with the launch discount, it'll cost £8.36/€9/$10.79. The base game, which is required to play the DLC, is also currently 40% off.

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