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Monster Train added a setting to give everyone googly eyes

T?t t?t!

If a train of monsters riding through hell is too sensible for you, rejoice: you can now stick googly eyes on everyone Monster Train. Presumably inspired by the best Slay The Spire mod, the new option puts rolling googly eyes on all your monsters and enemies in battle (alas, not everyone on all screens, not like the Spire mod). Small. Pointless. Delightful. Pop into the settings menu, flick the switch, and get a-googling.

Googly eyes actually debuted in Monster Train last week with the 'Wild Mutations' update but as one of those there new 'mutators'. Any run which uses these weird buffs and debuffs and quirks is ignored for clan experience, card mastery, covenant rank unlocks, or progression tracking. That's not great. With google eyes now simply an option in the graphics menu, thanks to yesterday's patch, you can get googly all the time.

Be warned: some people are real rude about it.

Our Monster Train review declares Shiny Shoe's game "at least as good as Slay The Spire". While I think that's a bit much, I did name it one of our favourite PC games of 2020 so far.

Monster Train is available from Steam and oh hey still has a wee 10% discount for the next day, which brings it down to £17.54/€18.89/$22.49.

Correction: This post previously implied that we are currently in the year 2019. I have since found out, oh my god it's 2020? REALLY?

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