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Monster Train is letting everyone try its upcoming DLC this weekend

It adds a final, final fight

A deck of cards from Monster Train
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The developers Shiny Shoe have revealed their hand on the upcoming DLC for roguelike deckbuilder Monster Train. It'll be called The Last Divinity and you can try it out in a public beta through this weekend. Along with announcing the name of the DLC, Shiny Shoe have also revealed details about its new clan and features.

In a developer video, Shiny Shoe dig into all those new bits. At a glance, they say that The Last Divinity will add a sixth clan, the Wurmkin, with its own cards and artifacts. All the existing clans will get some new rare cards as well. It will also bring a new currency called Shards, which give benefits as you collect them but will also put you up against more difficult enemies. Be careful how many you hoard, eh? If you have more than 100 shards when you defeat the game's final boss, you'll face a new final fight, The Last Divinity.

A launch date hasn't been announced for the DLC just yet, but you can get your hands on it over the weekend by opting in to the beta branch over on Steam. Shiny Shoe give a reminder on exactly how to do that in their announcement post. It will be available this weekend until Sunday, January 10th. Do be sure to disable any mods you're using before trying the beta, the developers warn.

DLC aside, the base game merited a spot on the RPS advent calendar in 2020 and it sounds like a good bit of strategic fun. "Rather than bog-standard upgrades for everything, in between fights you can usually buy perks for your spell cards or units," Imogen says. "Fancy turning a monster into a tank? Buy him some more health. Wanna make it so when a unit dies they come back endlessly? It’s yours. Simply need a card to deal more damage? Done. This stuff makes every run so varied, and each build so different from the last."

Monster Train also got added to the Xbox Game Pass for PC last month, so now's as good a time as any to give it a go if you happen to have Microsoft's subscription game library.

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