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Nioh 2

10 hours ago

Nioh 2 trailer shows off PC features for February launch

Souls-ish action RPG Nioh 2 is just around the corner for us PC folks after its original launch on PlayStation boxes last year. The original Nioh was quite a lot of fun, but the features and options on PC were pretty undercooked. Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja seem committed to coming out on PC strong with the sequel and have put out a shiny new…

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3 days ago

Feature: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (I know this doesn't work but bear with)

Nioh 2’s monsters are surprisingly cute

Over the Christmas hols I dipped my kusarigama back into Nioh 2, an action RPG that blends the crushing difficulty of soulslikes with Diablo’s emphasis on loot hoovering. In hindsight, this was quite an intimidating game to play post figgy pudding, especially as it’s all about carving up twisted demons.Boy did it make me feel alive, though. And with Nioh 2: Complete Edition arriving on…

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2 months ago

Nioh 2 on PC has an absurd Valve Helmet

If you're dying for some historical demon hack & dodge 'em up action, good news. Nioh 2 has announced its PC launch date. As with the original Nioh, its sequel is officially coming to PC after its tour on the PlayStation box as Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition. You'll be able to nab it in February. If you do, you'll also become the proud…

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3 years ago

Nioh 2 announced, though not yet confirmed for PC

Koei Tecmo have announced a sequel to 2017's neat-o action-RPG Nioh, imaginatively named Nioh 2. So far it's only confirmed for PlayStation 4, but I wouldn't worry too much: the original wasn't even announced for PC until it had been out on PS4 for months. A PC release for this too would seem likely. Hopefully. The game you might've heard described as "Dark Souls but…

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