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Have You Played... Nioh 2?

Nioh-nly one for me

If you're after a soulslike with incredibly deep combat, then Nioh 2 is the one. Yes, it's brutally punishing and you need to be in a good mood to play it, but trust me, when you've found the weapon for you, it's a nice feeling alright.

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Nioh 2 has loads of cool weapons with cool looks and equally cool abilities. Everyone bangs on about Sekiro's combat, which is clean and graceful - and ultimately very good, don't get me wrong! But Nioh 2's is almost the opposite. I like that you trudge through endless skill-trees and forever unlock complex combos. At first it's overwhelming, but once you've got your character build under control and you shred an angry yokai in a blink of an eye, it's pure bliss.

So, where Sekiro is a fine-dining affair with single dishes served on sparkling plates with those arty streaks of sauce, Nioh 2 is a sweaty buffet where you're shoulder-barging people to get at all that pasta, or curry, or pizza. And honestly, I'd go for the latter everyday if I could stomach it.

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