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Gamesplanet's second week of Xmas sales is on, with games over 80% off

Not a Cyber Monday sale, but a sale on Cyber Monday

Gamesplanet is the next in a long line of vendors to post up its seasonal offerings - now into its second week of Xmas deals. In other words, this isn't a Cyber Monday sale per se, though if you were already in a shopping mood from all the other Cyber Monday deals floating around you can still avail yourself of some big savings.

Last year's festive Gamesplanet sale had some major discounts, and this year is no different. There has been a lot of releases to chew through this year, and with the end of lockdown sapping all of our collective motivation away, it meant that some things could slip through the net. But that's where the sales come in, so we can pick up those games we were eyeing up for cheap.

The games seller site has been going since way back in 2006, and is trusted by publishers, so there's no need to worry about snagging a bargain from them if you've not heard of them before. They have a yearly tradition of weekly savings across their site, and this is the second wave of offerings - be quick, they won't hang around long and will be replaced by other sale items next week. Some of the highlights include Tropico 6 for half price, along with it's DLC and expansions for reduced prices, and Devil May Cry 5's deluxe edition for a sweet £19.

Here are some of the highlights from week two of the Gamesplanet sale:

Gamesplanet has games for any PC launcher you could think of - Steam, Origin, Unisoft and more. Some of the prices may not be the cheapest around, but they add a little post-Black Friday ease on your wallets' strain once the prices go back up on most stores catalogues.

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