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Generation Zero brings robot hell to 80s Sweden on March 26th

Ikea's army of flat-pack robots got out of hand

Robopocalyptic co-op shooter Generation Zero - latest from Just Cause studio Avalanche - arrives on March 26th. The open world shooter may have previously drawn comparisons to Left 4 Dead, but after playing around with a beta version last year, I think this one stands out from the crowd by being a far more open, quieter and more tactical shooter. Chunky industrial-looking robots have taken over a Swedish island, and only a band of four very 80s youths can scavenge up the firepower to clear out the machines, one hot-zone at a time.

The Generation Zero beta felt remarkably lonely, reminding me (pleasantly) of Arma 3 and STALKER. Even in the small strip of land the beta was restricted to, it's large enough to get comprehensively lost. Aside from up to three other players, there wasn't a single human to be found - no quest-givers, no cutscenes, just a map of possible locations to explore. The robots themselves felt interesting to fight as well, only going down after being shot in key components. You could pour a thousand bullets into a non-essential part of a machine and achieve nothing, and headshots aren't always the way to go. They actually feel like machines, no matter how animalistic some behave.

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The beta had some issues too, of course. Its bugs ranged from deeply annoying (my character forgetting how to heal themselves) to hilarious (a floating patch of grass launching me a hundred feet into the sky), and I've got my fingers crossed that they've hammered out the worst of the dents by launch. I also feel it's an interesting change of pace for Avalanche - it's an oddly quiet and restrained game, especially considering that you're meant to be fighting a war against an army of killbots. Hard to believe it's from the same studio as Just Cause and the upcoming Rage 2 - I'm hoping it finds its niche when it launches later this spring.

Generation Zero launches on March 26th for £30/$35/$35, and you can find it here on Steam. You can find a bit more (including peeks at quasi-humanoid and massive quadruped bots that weren't in the beta) on its official page here.

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