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Avalanche's open-world robohunter Generation Zero looks neat

Who's a good boy! Who's a- ahhhhh!

As pitches go, "the Just Cause mob make an open-world shooter fighting robots across the countryside of 1980s Sweden" is a pretty decent one, and one that caught my ear when Avalanche Studios announced Generation Zero in June. But what is it actually like? A new narrated "gameplay trailer" gives an overview of the game, all its sneak-o-shoot-a-looting, and it does sound a fair bit like Sir, You Are Being Hunted with shellsuits instead of tweed. Here, watch it yourself below.

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Not bad, that. I do frown at anyone presenting 80s nostalgia as a feature but I'm defs up for creeping through Swedish forests and villages with three pals in co-op, shooting robots to graft their guts onto my gun. I especially like the chat about robots being persistent AI agents who roam around and bear the scars of past battles. I wish to be hunted by robots seeking to return their scars to me.

While Just Cause and Mad Max are Avalanche's best-known open-world games, the one I see most of here is perhaps their hunting game theHunter [not correcting that terrible capitalisation so all can see Avalanche's shame -ed.]. Only it's robodogs instead of deer. And the robodogs are hunting us.

Generation Zero is coming to Steam in 2019. Closed beta testing is due to begin this autumn, for which you can sign up on the game's site - look for the "Join the beta" button in the top-right corner.

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