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Generation Zero continues the fight to survive in Alpine Unrest

I hope you packed a coat... and a gun.

After a wee bit of teasing, Avalanche Studios this week launched the first expansion for Generation Zero. Alpine Unrest continues the post-apocalyptic Swedish survival shooter's story of humanity's struggle against deadly machines with a trip to a ski resort island. How very Christmassy.

“This is our first expansion and a labour of love for the team," Paul Keslin, Product Owner at Avalanche Studios, said. "After launch we’ve been absorbing feedback from fans and started turning it into action."

Generation Zero earned points in our Generation Zero review for a stellar concept, but Emily Richardson discovered little of substance beneath. One of Alpine Unrest's main features is the addition of fellow humans struggling to eke out an existence on the island of Himfjäll, which could open up the possibility for narrative development beyond more audio logs and environmental dressing.

If you boot up Generation Zero to turn robots into smoking scrap by way of big guns, Alpine Unrest brought a holiday gift for you, as well. New Apocalypse Class machines stalk the frozen climes surrounding Himfjäll, and the name alone certainly advertises hellish conflict. Worry not: heftier arsenal additions like machine guns and automatic rifles will ensure you don't show up completely unprepared.

All players can meet the new Apocalypse robots on the original island without buying the expansion and can find machine guns too, as detailed in the patch notes.

Alpine Unrest is out now on Steam for £6.18/€7.99/$7.99, and on on PS4 and Xbox One too. The base game has a 20% discount in the Steam sale right now.

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