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Genshin Impact's first new map zone is now live

Pack your parka

Bundle up for this one, folks. Genshin Impact has launched its first map addition and it's not just here for the holidays. The new Dragonspine zone is here to stay and it's quite chilly. Update 1.2 for Mihoyo's open world battler has arrived, adding a new chilly status effect, a new in-game event, and plenty of other changes.

The Dragonspine area will introduce Genshin's new "sheer cold" status effect. One you accumulate too much by staying out in the sub-zero climate of the mountain, you'll start taking health damage. Walking through a snowstorm or swimming in the cold will speed up your sheer cold accumulation while heat sources like bonfires and torches will remove it. Prepare yourself for the cold, because Dragonspine is home to puzzles and quests that you'll want to hunt down.

This also marks the start of "The Chalk Prince and the Dragon" event during which Mihoyo say you can earn the snazzy new weapon Festering Desire. The event will unfold in four acts throughout the rest of December during which you can complete challenges to unlock Festering Desire's special abilities.

You can find all the rest of the nitty gritty on the event in Mihoyo's post. Full update notes with bug fixes, new character details, and more are over here.

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