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Get 50% off Doom Eternal in Gamesplanet's Gamescom sale

Plus loads of deals on Sega, Devolver and Frogwares games

The deals train is in full swing today, as Gamesplanet are also holding a big Gamescom sale this weekend. The biggest deals are on a bunch of Bethesda games, with a massive 50% off Doom Eternal and Fallout 76, as well as flash deals on loads more. Alas, the Bethesda deals are only available to those buying in Europe (which thankfully still includes the UK), but there's still plenty of other game bargains to sink your teeth into if your current place of residence is elsewhere. Read on for my pick of the bunch.

Running from now until midnight on Monday August 31st, you won't find these Bethesda deals anywhere else this weekend, as Gamesplanet have teamed up with the publisher to become their exclusive promotion partner for this year's online Gamescom show. The half price Doom Eternal deal is particularly timely at the moment, too, as it's due to get its first story campaign expansion, The Ancient Gods: Part I, on October 20th.

As for other top game deals going on at Gamesplanet this weekend, you'll find plenty of Sega discounts on game series such as Yakuza, Company Of Heroes, Valkyria Chronicles and Dawn Of War (although I should note that many of them are similar deals to Humble's current End of Summer Sale, so you may want to compare prices to make sure you're getting the best deal before you buy), and there are tons of Devolver games and Frogwares titles on sale, too.

These are open to everyone, too, so I've picked a handful of highlights below. As always, why have a browse yourself to see what else you can find, as there's bound to be something I've missed that's worth shouting about.

As mentioned above, Humble are also holding a big End of Summer Sale right now, with lots of other juicy discounts up for grabs. My top pick is the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection for 67% off, which takes EA's recent C&C remake down to just under £6. And don't forget that Hitman and the Shadowrun Collection are also free on Epic this week, so make sure you snap them up as well while you can.

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