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Get Lexar's 1TB Play Micro SD card for just £67 after an Amazon discount

The ultimate Steam Deck or ROG Ally storage upgrade.

Lexar's Play 1TB Micro SD card is a popular option for anyone that wants to slam a full terabyte of space into their Steam Deck, Switch or other Computing Device on the cheap. Its performance isn't quite up there with the fastest options from Samsung or SanDisk, but this memory card still works great on Steam Deck. This Micro SD card normally hovers below the £90 mark, but today it's down to a new historic low of just £67, a great value for a Micro SD card of this size!

So what separates this card from the best Micro SD cards for Steam Deck? Not much, actually - this card is rated for up to 150MB/s reads with an A2 rating for reasonable minimum random read speeds too. Those are the same ratings that our top-rated SanDisk and Samsung options possess, so it's only in load times that you'll notice a measurable difference - and with less than a 1s margin in Shadow of the Tomb Raider load times between our fastest and slowest margins, it's unlikely to make much of a difference in daily use.

Instead, where this Micro SD card sets itself apart is in its value - this is about twice the price of a similarly-specced 512GB card after its most recent discount, so you're not paying a premium to get that 1TB capacity. That sounds like a non-story, but this is a radical departure from the prices of 1TB Micro SD cards historically, which used to be hundreds of pounds due to how rare and hard to produce these cards were.

So if you're in the market for a ton of game storage on your Steam Deck, ROG Ally, Switch, smartphone or what-have-you, this is a pretty nifty upgrade for the money!

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