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Gizmo, the cutest Gremlin, is MultiVersus' next fighter

Try not to spill anything on your keyboard

After teasing a reveal for Warner Bros’ licensed brawler MultiVersus earlier this week, devs Player First Games have revealed that Gizmo from kids horror film Gremlins will be the game’s next fighter. Gizmo is the original source of the gremlins, and the sweetest character from the movies, but you still wouldn’t want to mess with the little fellow. He’ll arrive on Tuesday, ahead of the already announced Stripe, Gremlins' big (small) bad.

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Something was being tipped for MultiVersus earlier this week by game director Tony Huynh, which unfortunately wasn’t precisely your favourite Warner Bros. intellectual property being added to the roster. Unless, of course, you really love Gizmo:

Player First have clarified that Gizmo and Stripe are two distinct fighters. Still no word on when Stripe will show up in the roster yet though. What is coming soon, along with Gizmo, is a significant patch. Huynh replied to a fan asking when MultiVersus’ store and guilds would be up and running with a tweet explaining that the team’s been working on one of the biggest patches yet, with “a lot of cool things” due to arrive next week. Huynh said they were mainly focused on delivering “core systems, stability, and bug fixes” though.

It’s good to see Gizmo and Stripe rock up in MultiVersus, but I don’t know how many younger players would know much about them. There hasn’t been a Gremlins movie since 1990’s Gremlins 2: The New Batch, possibly one of the wackiest films ever made. It’s such a random sequel that this Key and Peele sketch captures the movie’s unique qualities perfectly, and I can only imagine that’s how the movie really came to be. There is a Gremlins 3 in the works at Warner Bros. but that’s not expected out until the end of 2023.

Gizmo hops into MultiVersus next week. You can grab the free-to-play brawler on Steam or the Epic Games Store. We’ll have to see if Gizmo makes it onto Ollie’s tier list of the best MultiVersus characters for 1v1 and 2v2 play.

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