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Fetch Quests And Physics: Goat MMO Simulator Expansion

Free expansion this week

You know, I think I've seen a serious drop-off in zany physics simulators since the release of Goat Simulator. I roam far and wide across the Internet, looking for odd and wonderful new things every day, and say with confidence/wild speculation that Coffee Stain's physics sandbox was a turning point for the genre. After something so brazenly broken, so unashamedly kooky, perhaps doing anything less seems redundant. Now the wonky platformer is becoming a wonky RPG too, or at least wrapping itself in the skin of one. Its next free expansion, see, is Goat MMO Simulator.

Goat MMO Simulator sends goats into a generic fantasy, with quests, zany classes (Tank, Rouge, Magician, Hunter, and Microwave - a microwave on legs), and 101 character levels to gain. I suspect it may not be wholly serious about that. Expect grey stone towns, fish people, fetch quests, skills, spells, a fishing rod to latch onto people, spammy chat, and a Steve Jobs parody who wants apples. All of these things, of course, will bring opportunities for physics ragdolls to glitch out in silly ways. That's sorta what the game's about, y'know.

Though Goat MMO Simulator will be a free part of update 1.2, it's got its own Steam page with details and screenshots and all that. 1.2 is due to arrive on Thursday.

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