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Grass is green, girls are polygonal

When you're browsing news, trying to stay abreast of the developments in the world of PC Games, you're looking for something to stop you dead in your tracks. Something unexpected, that demands an immediate response. Escape From Paradise City managed to do so in a way which no game since Devastation has done so. I can only gawp and blink and run to Wordpress to blog a story.

Here's the "thing". It's one of its three playable characters.

It's Sean Connery! Sean Connery on Steroids, admittedly, but undeniably Scotland's most Sean-Connery son. And now I stop to look, those two lurking in the background look kinda familiar.

(Devastation's lead reminded everyone of Eminem, except not quite as blatantly as this.)

Apart from that, there's not enormous amount to say. It's from the makers of Gangland, it's clearly indebted to GTA in appearance but actually is more of a RTS/RPG hybridything (Gangsters with GTA's graphics engine? That sounds like it.) and it's out on October 19th. Gamespot probably do the best preview, so let's link to them. The trailer's here, the website's here and Gangsters by the Specials can be listened to here.

Still: No matter how it turns out, the one thing they can't take from Escape From Paradise City is that the bloke on the box really does look like Sean Connery. Unless he sues them for unauthorised use of likeness, obv.

EDIT: And thanks to FluffyBunny for the save.

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