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Gawp At GTA 5's Redux Overhaul Mod

Grand Theft Wow

Although a wee bit late to the party, the PC iteration of Grand Theft Auto V [official site] has hardly broke stride since its release last year. Besides loads of official updates and DLC, intuitive modders have crafted a whole range of weird and wacky and wonderful mods to enhance our Los Santos experiences - to the point where it's become hard to keep track of the best ones (how's that for a shameless plug?). One mod in particular that's shaping up rather nicely is Josh Romito's work-in-progress visual overhaul number, Redux, which has just launched its first, lovely-looking trailer.

At its core, Redux is a reshade mod, however it tackles a vast range of aesthetic enhancements and the results are nothing short of stunning. The weather system has been overhauled, for example, textures have been retuned, lighting and shadows are now more realistic, as are blood animations "for improved speed, and spread", and there's more garbage and debris on the streets, to name but a few of the exhaustive list of improvements. Seeing is believing, though, so you should have a swatch at this:

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Not bad, eh? Redux reminds me of Martin Bergman's equally impressive Toddyhancer mod, however work on that appears to have unfortunately stalled for now. At the moment, Redux is without a release date, but creator Josh Romito is taking things "day by day" and will be unveiling a launch date "as soon as possible."

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