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Guild Wars 2: Living World Returning For Season 3, Brings Own Vortex

A whirlwind of activity

The third season of Guild Wars 2's [official site] Living World time-limited storytelling adventure doodad is arriving on 26 July and thus has a trailer. A trailer you can watch after the jump (as well as discovering what Living World is if you haven't encountered it before):

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Okay, so. I sort of lost track of a lot of Guild Wars 2 stuff because by the time I got the game everyone I would have played it with had been playing for ages and it did that irritating thing of turning into a tour guide/tourist relationship every time I tried to play it with anyone. I also had a minor grump about the toast crafting system but let's not reignite that particular kettle of bees.

ANYWAY. I think Living World is the seasonal narrative stuff which takes the form of bonus events and storylines only available while that season is active. A gaming soap opera, perhaps.

From this trailer I feel a bit sorry for the jungle dragon and how people are celebrating his or her demise. Maybe I'd feel differently if a dragon turned up in the UK and started treading on my things. But there's not much time to celebrate anyway because there's a new threat emerging. One which necessitates piloting an airship into a vortex.

The actual episodes are free to players who log in while they're active but participating does require the Heart of Thorns expansion. To that end ArenaNet are putting said expansion on sale for half price for a while (€22.49 / £17.49)

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