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Adventure with the RPS community in Guild Wars 2 on Saturday

No purchase necessary

A group of RPS readers are embarking upon a merry tour of Guild Wars 2 this weekend, and you're all invited - no purchase necessary. The folks of Rock, Paper, Signet are visiting the American servers for the first time for a whistlestop 'Fresh Start' tour of each race's starting zone. Expect adventure, action, and plenty of larking about. Focusing on the starting zones means all and sundry can join in with only the free version of Guild Wars 2. Here, see some of there adventures from the last tour in this trailer by community member 'Ravbek':

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As the forum thread explains, the adventure will start at 21:00 GMT on Saturday, March 11th and they'll be gabbing on the community Discord server. 'Krathor' says:

"Like the Fresh Start event we hosted on EU servers way back in December 2015, this will be based around all the awesome things found in the starting areas, skipping over all the boring stuff and focusing on nice event chains, mini-dungeons, jumping puzzles and world bosses. If you've wanted to roll on NA for a while but haven't had the opportunity, or wish to avoid the grind of playing somewhat solo, here's a good opportunity to create a new one and breeze through the early levels."

Do also read his fine article on the joys of playing with communities.

This poster by 'RebelMaren' has more details on Saturday's who, what, when, where, how, and why:

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