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Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns Now Raiding In Spirit Vale


Free-to-play MMO Guild Wars 2 [official site] launched its first paid expansion last month, and now the first raid from Heart of Thorns has started opening up for would-be heroes. Spirit Vale is the first wing of the raid, offering a ten-person challenge with nasty monsters to pummel and the chance to gain... such prizes.

Spirit Vale will have folks investigating what happened to a missing Pact squad, which I'm willing to bet involves giant monsters and/or dark magic. Yes, yes, but what about the shinies? ArenaNet say:

"With great risk comes great reward, and conquering raids will start you down the path to gathering the components you’ll need to build legendary armor. You may also find ascended gear, miniatures, and new, unique weapon skins."

Along with the raid wing, yesterday's update brought loads of other changes and fixes, including a reworked and improved Squad UI. Check the patch notes for all that.

Guild Wars 2 is still somewhere half-way down my terrifying list of things I want to play (and I'm not even a completionist - I happily give up on games I'm not feeling), so I can't tell you nowt about Heart of Thorns or Spirit Vale. Any of y'all have something to share with the group? Do speak up.

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