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Hitman 1.03 Brings Vampire Magician Challenges

Loading time improvements too!

Ian Hitman is currently packing a bag for his holiday to Italy in Episode Two on the 26th, but more Hitman [official site] is already here. Update 1.03 launched today, bringing more improvements to loading times, more responsive menus, and bug fixes such as "47 no longer drops a body immediately after starting to drag it." Oh, and it adds The Vampire Magician Challenge Pack, which dares Ian to commit ten murderous challenges wearing the vampire magician costume. He is, I stress, neither vampiric not magical. Murder would be no challenge for an actual vampire magician.

Also out today, this being Tuesday and everything, are two new Escalation Contracts. Those are the dastardly challenges which, y'know, escalate, throwing in more twists and complications as they go on. They're both set in Paris, one with Ian taking down Sophus Fatale while disguised as Auction Staff, and the other a dual-target contract under the name The Ezekiel Paradox with plenty of extra security.

Other changes listed in the patch notes include crash fixes, improvements to the DirectX 12 mode, and fixes for a scoring bug. Get stuck in the log for all the details.

How are you settling into Hitman now, anyway? What are you hoping for from future episodes?

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