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Hitman Hits Sapienza In Episode Two On April 26th

Ciao, bella!

Hitman? I don't know, man. Are you a hit, man, or a miss, man? Tell me if you can, man. Are you a beat or a beater, a sneaker or stabber, episodic or early access, treasure or stress like a shirt of hess - ian - scratch at my neck, man

may be it's that
we don't know yet
we might have a clue
after Ep Two

So all hands on deck, pack your trunks in your trunk your needle-o in your Speedo your Silverballers in your swingball set ready go daddy-o (look out below!) to hit the hacienda in Sapienza on April 26th, hepcats.

Cover image for YouTube video

Episode Two will send Ian Hitman off to sunny Sapienza in Italy (haciendas are Spanish, you damn lousy beat). He's come to the coastal village on murderbusiness, of course. Adam remarked that "stronger architectural design" in future levels could resolve some of his issues with Episode One, so it'll be interesting to see how this space plays.

Following the episodic plans, Episode Two will come with the $60 'Full Experience' pass, or cost $10 as an add-on for folks who bought the $15 'Intro Pack' (who have the option to upgrade to the Full Experience for $50).

Oh hey, and a patch is due soon with load time improvements and some other jazz.

That new trailer announcing Episode Two's release date is rubbish, so here's a months-old one showing places, activities, and murders in Sapienza:

Cover image for YouTube video

Hitman game in the jazzy world of Thirty Flights please, thanks Squeenix and Blendo.

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