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Hitman 3 all keypad door and safe codes

All the passcodes you need for doors and safes.

In Hitman 3, you’ll often be required to find your way through locked doors that can’t be opened with a lockpick or a crowbar. Instead, you’ll need to find the specific combination and unlock it by inputting the right passcode. Thankfully, in the Hitman world, people write lock combinations on post-it notes or whiteboards in plain sight, so there’s usually a way to bypass them by looking around.

Here’s a constantly-updated page with all the lock combinations in each Hitman 3 level, including instructions on where to find them.

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All Hitman 3 keypad passcodes and combinations

Most of these keypads require a combination of four numbers, and offer access to an area of the map, usually with some fancy gear or secret disguise that’ll give you an advantage for the rest of your galaxy brain hit-plans.

We’ll be updating this list as and when we know more, but here’s an ever-evolving list of keypads in each Hitman 3 level.

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All Dubai keypads

Staff Area:

The staff area can be found behind the large staircase up to the atrium. Turn left after ascending them, and there’ll be a door on your right. The code here is written on the giant whiteboard in the meeting room, but if you haven’t got in there yet, the code is 4706.

Security Room:

In the level 3 security room of Dubai, you’ll find another keypad. Don’t worry though, this is easy enough to figure out too. In this room, there’s a couple of bulletin boards. The one on the opposite side of the room from the safe has a post-it saying ‘SAFE CODE 6927’. No prizes for guessing the code after this: 6927. Inside, you’ll find the evacuation keycard, allowing you to activate the evacuation from the penthouse.

Penthouse guest room safe:

If you go upstairs to the guest room, perhaps just after completing the Bird Of Prey mission story and killing Carl Ingram, you can get into the Guest Bedroom from the penthouse terrace - the very top floor of the entire building. In here, there’s a safe with a keypad lock on it. Thankfully, the very clever soul who locked the safe left a post-it note on the monitor in the exact same room, on the desk. It says ‘7465, remember to reset this code!’, but they clearly haven’t got around to it, as the code is still 7465. You’ll find some intel on the partners, and your next target. Looks like someone left this room in a hurry.

All Dartmoor keypads

Alexa’s Case File Safe:

If you’ve been listening in to Alexa’s guards, you might know that she’s hiding the case file in a safe behind a painting in her office. Press the button on her chair to move the painting out of the way, then check out the clues on the safe. There’s a clock, a telescope, a fire, and a moose. The small clock under the office staircase has a 1 underneath it. The telescope upstairs has a 9, the fireplace has a 7 above it, and the moose above the door has a 5 behind it. This means the code for Alexa’s safe keypad is 1975. Check out our full guide on how to unlock Alexa’s safe for more details.

All Berlin keypads

Club Basement Safe

Found in the bottom level of the club, the office safe’s clue is explained by the nearby staff as the year of the Berlin Wall’s destruction. That year was 1989.

All Chongqing keypads

Hush’s keypad

Up in the room Hush is hanging out in, there’s a giant whiteboard with the safe code for the doors on it. The number is 2552. This passcode will work for all the doors in Hush’s building.

ICA Facility Entrances

An employee wandering around outside will say the code out loud, in a way you’d think would get her fired from her clandestine murder organisation. The code for the ICA back entrance is 0118, and this is also the code you’ll need to get into the laundromat, as well as all keypad-locked doors around the ICA facility area.

All Mendoza keypads

Wine vault

In order to turn off the lasers in the sommelier’s vault (accessible by unlocking it from the upstairs security room terminal) and obtain the fancy vintage vino, you’ll have to work out the passcode to the keypad. Thankfully, if you’ve been listening in, you’ll know exactly what you’re after. The note on the keypad says ‘It’s a vintage year’. Check your intel - Mr. Yates has been talking about serving a super fancy wine to his guests, and the year it was made? 1945. You can also overhear them say the passcode was the ‘last year of World War 2, if you have to look it up, shame on you’, so y’know. The code is 1945. Not the subtlest, huh.

Basement safe

In the basement, the guards will start talking about how the safe code is the year Don Yates and his wife got married. When was this, then? Well, in Yates’ room upstairs, where you rescue Diana from in the Closing Statement mission story, there’s a calendar with the phrase ‘Crystal Anniversary’ circled. What’s a crystal anniversary? Well, that means in 2021, Yates is celebrating 15 years of marriage, meaning the passcode in the basement is 2006. The basement key is also in the same bedroom as the calendar.

All Caparthian Mountains keypads

There’s only one keypad I’ve uncovered in the Caparthian Mountains, the final level of the campaign. This one is similarly on-the-nose. On the wall near the keypad is a giant poster with the year ‘1979’ in giant letters. No prizes for guessing that the keypad code is 1979.

That’s all the keypad codes for now! We’ll be sure to keep this page updated with all the codes we could find. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out our other Hitman 3 guides, such as our Hitman 3 Dubai walkthrough, as well as advice on how to unlock the greenhouse in Dartmoor.

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