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Hitman hits Mac, man

Hepcats and hitcats

Ooh it's all go for Ian Hitman these days. Developers IO Interactive have kept the rights to their stealthy murder series and become an independent studio after former owners Square Enix ditched 'em, a demo of the recent episodic Hitman [official site] arrived yesterday as its prologue chapter became free, and oh! the game is now playable on Mac too. The Mac port by porting house Feral Interactive has launched. If you have Hitman, you already have the Mac version sitting in your Steam library. Easy peasey. Yup, that prologue demo is on Mac too.

One important thing to note: right now, the Mac version of Hitman only supports AMD graphics cards. "Feral hopes to announce more details regarding support for Nvidia and Intel graphics cards shortly," they say.

Hitman is on sale on Steam right now too, with a 60% discount bringing the season to £15.89. Buy it so IO have more money and can make a second season, yeah? Don't let this golden age of games end.

Hitman hit Linux in February, so this is the game now on the three big PC gaming platforms. Hints of a Mac version were spotted over a year ago so this isn't IO releasing a port that Squeenix wouldn't. It is striking timing, though.

Steam's latest user survey says 3% of respondents in May were on Mac and 0.8% on Linux. Those aren't complete numbers but those OSs are clearly a teensy share, so it is nice that developers are supporting them. Things have improved a lot since The Dark Days of few games getting ports from Windows - and those ports being sold separately.

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