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Hitman introducing player-curated Featured Contracts

Interesting murders

The final Elusive Target of Hitman Season One [official site] has now been offed but developers IO Interactive are introducing new 'live content' as we hold our collective breath hoping they'll announce a second season. IO have started drafting players to curate playlists of Featured Contracts, which could prove pretty interesting. More live bits are coming this month too, but IO say not to expect a game update in August or September. "That relative calm will give us time to prepare for some exciting announcements," they tease. Is one Hitman Season Two? Please be Season Two.

So! Looking over the month ahead, August 11th with bring ten new Featured Contracts along with the sixth Challenge Pack. Those five challenges will be in Hokkaido, offering a unique item as a reward. Later in August, the first player-curated Featured Contracts will hit, man. IO yesterday explained:

"These contracts will function in the same way to the Featured Contracts that you've come to know and love in the game, with one big twist: one of our players will curate the list. These player-curated contracts will offer a fresh twist to the style of contracts that will be featured in the game and give all players a chance to get an insight into how some of the prominent members of the Hitman community play the game."

The first curator is Brazilian streamer Mendietinha, who IO say "lives for discovering new routes in contracts and the ultimate rekky". Expect the unexpected and plan carefully, I suppose.

This is all relatively minor news, I suppose, but I am comforted hearing that Hitman is keeping rolling. After former owner Square Enix ditched IO Interactive earlier this year, things looked pretty bad.

IO say they do have more game updates in the pipeline, so their "exciting announcements" could simply be some nifty additions but oh, I would very much like news on new-new bits.

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