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Hold it! Phoenix Wright Trilogy coming in April

OBJECTION! withdrawn

The courtroom drama of Phoenix Wright and pals will finally get a proper PC release with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on April 9th, Capcom have announced. Their series of dramatic and funny courtroom visual novels has mostly been confined to Nintendo's pocket computers, only tentatively dipping its toes into table computing in weird and fleeting ways, so it's grand to see the first three games coming our way (hopefully more to follow?). Capcom also confirmed the system requirements and yup, this is one you'll be able to play on pretty much any shonky laptop you're lugging around.

So here we are, hotshot lawyer Phoenix Wright, a defence attorney whose catchphrase is "OBJECTION!" and who only takes cases from innocent clients. With some help from our lawpals, we'll examine evidence, question witnesses, shout "OBJECTION!", and get to the bottom of a number of odd cases. The series has reached six games by now but this release is only the first three. But if it sells well? Who knows.

The minimum system requirements only call for an i3-4160 with 4GB of RAM and ye olde Intel HD Graphics 4400, so you likely will be able to play this on a long train journey when you should be preparing for the big presentation but the Pret A Manger hummus wrap you nabbed at the station for lunch was just so filling you're filling a little sleepy so aw to hell with it.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is coming to Steam (where you'll also find the system requirements) on April 9th. It will cost £30/€30/$30, which seems like some lousy regional pricing - though I haven't checked exchange rates in a few weeks and it is possible our economy is now at the bottom of a bin covered in soggy coffee grounds and banana skins and a burst hoover bag. Don't even bother throwing an "OBJECTION!" at that, pal.

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