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Objection withdrawn! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy coming to PC

No objection here

After years of OBJECTIONS! and protestations from PCpeeps, Capcom are finally bringing the courtroom drama of their Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games to us. The first three of their interjectory visual novels are being fancified and bundled up as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, coming our way in "early 2019". I've heard warm and loving things from folks (about the games and about me) who played Phoenixes Wright on their original Nintendo homes so good, come on, bring 'em over so I too can crack court cases (a job I feel I would excel at by getting up in testifiers' faces and shouting "I'LL GET YOU, YOU FUCKING LIAR"). Here, watch the announcement trailer.

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The trilogy focuses on Phoenix Wright, the eponymous ace defence attorney who takes on tough cases and drama with a bit of hands-on detective work and, of course, his workpals.

That whole "OBJECTION!" thing is him shouting out when he spies a flaw in testimony or summat and wants to haul someone over the legal coals. It's become iconic because everyone loves shouting. Don't you love shouting? COURSE YOU DO, MATE.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is coming to PC via Steam in "early 2019". It'll be on Switch, Xbone, and PlayStation 4 too and oh right there you go off to buy it on Switch okay.

The series started with Ace Attorney on Game Boy Advance in 2001, going on to bounce around Nintendo DS, Wii, and pocket telephones. Technically it has bumped into PC before, including with a browser-based demo for one and a Japanese episodic doodad and look, this is the real thing, proper real PC releases with (hopefully) no faff or fuss, okay. Pedants, I OBJECT TO YOU. All of you. That whole 'you' thing you've got going on. Away with it.

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