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Horizon: Zero Dawn has fixed more crashes in a PC patch

Hope this fixes it for you!a

Another Horizon: Zero Dawn patch arrived today, promising to fix yet more bugs that caused crashes. Horizon is such a lovely game that it's a shame the launch was marred for some by technical issues, especially considering this was Sony's first experiment in releasing PlayStation exclusives on PC. Fingers crossed that this patch lets more folks simply enjoy scampering about hunting robodinosaurs.

I do have a wild dream that Sony's PlayStation 5 showcase stream tonight will also talk about bringing more games to PC. It won't, but I want to believe. God, I yearn for Yharnam.

"This patch addresses additional crashes, as well as a couple of community-reported bugs such as Aloy's hair not displaying correctly when playing with the game running above 30 FPS, controller rumble toggle and adds the option to display black side bars in cinematics when playing in ultrawide resolutions," developers Guerrilla Games explain in the Patch 1.05 notes. "We are continuing to investigate open issues and will update you when we have more news available."

This is the fifth patch since the game came to Windows six weeks ago. Others have fixed fun bugs like Aloy being a tiny child forever.

Our Horizon: Zero Dawn review from Nate declared it "one of the most compelling, beautiful open world adventures ever made". It is: a good video game. Just had a rocky launch. It's in better shape now, though a few issues linger.

Look, I know Sony's PlayStation 5 Showcase stream tonight will be focused on, y'know, their next console. I know that. But it seems they will have more to say about PC games at some point. Only last month, the company said, "We will explore expanding our first party titles to the PC platform, in order to promote further growth in our profitability." Mate, we love to promote further growth in profitability. You want business numbers, you go to the platform with Microsoft Excel, please, thanks, thank you, bye.

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