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How to complete the Moon Challenge in Spelunky 2

How to complete Tun's Moon Challenge!

Once you hit Spelunky 2’s second world, you’ll be able to take on the Moon Challenge in order to obtain the Excavator trophy. It’s not particularly self-explanatory though. Here’s how to complete the Moon Challenge in Spelunky 2.

How to complete the Moon Challenge in Spelunky 2

You’ll find Tun, the proprietor of the Moon Challenge, early in world 2. She can show up either in the forest or lava versions of the world. She’ll ask you for $10,000 in return for taking on the Moon Challenge, so pay this and head into the door behind her.

The Moon Challenge is super simple, although you aren’t told the actual goal of it. Here’s the objective: reveal all the rooms available in the cave network.

The challenge won’t end until you’ve broken the Mattock given to you at the beginning, so keep on digging and find as much gear as you can. Often, you’ll be able to earn back the cash you spent for the challenge, especially if you have the Spectacles or Udjat Eye equipped and can see gems hidden within the level. For an ever-growing list of items you can get in the game, head to our Spelunky 2 items guide.

You can also use bombs here to maximise the amount of space you reveal, but be careful - it’s easy to end up stuck with no way out if you don’t have any leftover ropes.

Moon Challenge rewards

Once you complete the Moon Challenge you’ll earn the Excavator trophy/achievement too, so it’s well worth doing this mission once if you haven’t already.

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As well as this, you'll find the crossbow, which fires a single bolt extremely accurately to one-shot most foes. There's also the big wedge of gold and money you can get from digging, both from within the dirt and in boxes and chests all over the place.

We have more Spelunky 2 guides if you’re struggling with the game too, including our Spelunky 2 beginner tips page, as well as our look at the turkeys in Spelunky 2.

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