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How to play Rebirth Island in Call of Duty Warzone

How to get into Rebirth Island

Rebirth Island is the new mini map in Call of Duty Warzone. You’ll have to update to the latest Season 1 patch, and head into the Warzone mode. It’s a bit of a weird one though - here’s how to play Rebirth Island in Warzone.

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How to play Rebirth Island in Warzone

In order to play on the new Rebirth Island map, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Warzone ‘Play’ menu
  • Select the ‘Resurgence Trios’ option
  • Jump into a game

Once you’re in, prepare for a Mini Royale-style mode with fast-paced action across a small map. For some reason, you can’t enter a game from the ‘Rebirth Event’ menu, so scroll to the left and click ‘play’ to get things moving. Normal BR Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads, as well as Plunder will still take you to Verdansk if that floats your boat though.

Rebirth Island event tab in Cold War Warzone

The game mode is slightly different in Resurgence - as long as one of your teammates stays alive when the Rebirth countdown hits 0, you respawn onto the map, and earning score speeds up this process. You can also reopen Rebirth supply boxes to get extra loot, and getting a kill will highlight their teammates’ positions on the map. Look out for this, as it’ll make games extremely speedy and exciting.

There you have it - hop into a game on Rebirth Island when you fancy it! While you’re here, why not check out the best Cold War guns, as well as our advice on how Prestige and progression works in Black Ops Cold War.

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