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How to unlock the Sledgehammer in Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War

How to get the big ol' Sledgehammer.

Season one of Call of Duty Cold War is integrating the game with Warzone Battle Royale, meaning you’ll now be able to cross-progress thanks to all the sweet guns available in both modes. That means weapons will be usable in both games too, so you’ll want to unlock the new gear as quickly as possible. One such new addition is the Sledgehammer, so here’s how to unlock the Sledgehammer in Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War.

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How to unlock the Sledgehammer in Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone

Thanks to ModernWarzone capturing a screenshot, we know what you’ll need to do to unlock the Sledgehammer in Cold War and Warzone. It’s pretty tough, but get on a small map in Cold War multiplayer and you shouldn’t be in too bad a place. Anyway, here’s how to unlock the Sledgehammer:

Using the Combat Knife, kill 2 or more players rapidly in 15 different matches.

It’ll take a while, but if similar challenges in Modern Warfare are anything to go by, progression should save after you get those two kills. This means you can quit out of the game after getting the two rapid Combat Knife kills if you fancy.

These 15 matches can be in Warzone or Cold War Multiplayer, and progression will stack across the two, but remember - it’s a whole lot easier to pull it off in Cold War. Smaller maps, multiple lives, and less armour all mean you’ll be able to pull this off faster outside the confines of Warzone.

Best class for quickly unlocking the Sledgehammer

Obviously, you’ll want a Combat Knife class, but here’s a few extra options to make sure you get your kills. A great Wildcard to pick for the class is Perk Greed, as it’ll give you extra fodder for running around the map and getting sneaky kills without being detected by the enemy. Here’s the best perks to use alongside your Combat Knife.

  • Perk 1: Forward Intel
  • Perk 1: Tactical Mask
  • Perk 2: Tracker
  • Perk 2: Quartermaster
  • Perk 3: Ghost
  • Perk 3: Ninja

Basically, you want to be a sneaky so-and-so. Using Ghost means when you’re running you won’t get got by enemy Spy Planes, and Ninja will muffle your footsteps big time so enemies won’t hear you flanking, knife in hand. Forward Intel shows you where enemies are spawning on the minimap, so keep your eye on that to try and isolate two enemies at the same time. Tracker can be great for chasing those elusive enemies too.

Of course, if Perk Greed isn’t your cup of tea, Danger Close is a solid alternative. You won’t have all the perks you want, but the ability to spam Flashbangs or Stun Grenades with Quartermaster means you can disorient enemies and shank them all over the map.

That’s all for our guide on how to unlock the Sledgehammer in Warzone and Cold War! There’s plenty more guides here on RPS if you want them though, including some gun guides, like the best XM4 loadout for Cold War and all the weapon stats for the Cold War guns.

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