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Huge Elden Ring mod The Convergence is basically a whole new game, the ideal way to pass time before its DLC

Almost triples the number of classes, adds unique starting locations, dozens of weapons, new bosses and more

A character charges forward wielding a mace in Elden Ring overhaul mod The Convergence
Image credit: AronTheBaron/Elden Ring: The Convergence team

Despite plenty of rumours, we still don’t know when Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree will arrive - it could be later this month, this year or maybe beyond even that. While we’re waiting on the official expansion, though, modders have beaten FromSoftware to offering a substantial new experience to those who’ve cleared every corner of the Lands Between.

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As spotted by Eurogamer, Elden Ring: The Convergence is an ambitious overhaul mod for the open-world game that makes so many changes and additions it may as well be a whole new game in itself. (In many ways, it quite literally is, as the mod’s .exe will run separately to the original game, requiring you to either copy your saves over or start fresh.)

As well as almost tripling the number of playable classes from the original Elden Ring’s 10 up to 27 different character builds, The Convergence assigns each class its own unique starting location across the world map, meaning that you could start all the way over in Caelid, Leyndell or the Altus Plateau rather than the familiar hills of Limgrave. Each class also follows its own progression path through the world, making for a distinctly different way to explore the Lands Between.

Getting around the map is easier, too, thanks to a new teleport system dubbed the Erdtree Network that unlocks new fast-travel points as you defeat local bosses. Those bosses might include some of the new foes added in the mod, or familiar faces if you feel like fighting Malenia or Radahn again and again using the mod’s resurrection option. To go with the changed bosses, a number of Elden Ring’s dungeons have also been overhauled in The Convergence.

A character casts a glowing golden spell in Elden Ring overhaul mod The Convergence
Image credit: AronTheBaron/Elden Ring: The Convergence team

To help you take on the new enemies and dungeons, you’ll be able to use dozens of new weapons created by the mod’s makers, along with hundreds of extra spells to sling around. Crafting has been expanded too, letting you use new crafting materials to craft talismans and physick tears, and craft while fighting. You’ll have access to every recipe off the bat as well, without needing to search out new recipes.

In short, there’s a heck of a lot packed into the mod, which can be picked up over on NexusMods. If nothing else, it should give you plenty to poke around with until Shadow Of The Erdtree finally arrives.

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