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New Humble Bundle packs Soma, Lisa, Opus Magnum, and more good games

Some great games in here!

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hurl with the latest bargain Humble Bundle, which packs together eight games of wildly different tone but one unifying characteristic: they're all rated "Overwhelmingly Positive" in Steam's aggregated players reviews. Its experiences include getting spooked under the sea in Soma, building alchemical machines in Opus Magnum, shooting mutants in Nuclear Throne, helping people in Wuppo, and giving your very blood to save people you love in grim post-apocalyptic parenthood RPG Lisa. A real bag of good times. And good games, obvs.

In the typical Humble way, the Humble Overwhelmingly Positive Bundle 2 is split into tiers of games, giving more as you pay more.

Pay at least $1 (about 77p) and you'll get cute platformer Wuppo ("This is a world where other people have feelings and goals," Abby Denton said. "It's great to see that in a game about a jerk learning to live with others."), philosophical chat-to-robots-on-the-train 'em up Subsurface Circular, and phone-exploring horror Simulacra.

Pay more than the current average (which is $6.59/£5.08 as I write) to also get Vlambeer's rad roguelikelike top-down shooter Nuclear Throne (highly recommended in our John's Nuclear Throne review), spooky platformer Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight ("The fourth series entry is by far the prettiest and most polished game of the lot," Joe Donnelly said), post-apocalyptic ultraviolent heartbreaker RPG Lisa, and first-person horror Soma ("While it is an enormously satisfying and well-crafted game, Soma never managed to convince me that its themes and plot were in tune with its more traditional first-person frights," Adam said in our not-overwhelmingly-positive Soma review).

Lastly, pay $15 (about £11.57) and you'll also get Opus Magnum, the Zachlike about building machines to automate alchemy. It's reet good, that. Tom Francis explored the joys of optimising its machines, and Brendan looked at some magnificent machines.

All in all, good, good stuff, good bundle. You've got a fortnight to grab this. All of the games offer Steam keys, and some come with DRM-free versions too. And, as ever, you can divide your payment as you please between the devs, charity, and so on.

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