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Get Crusader Kings II and all its expansions for £12 in the new Humble Bundle


Hey, you there, the reader who's always fascinated to hear weird tales and unusual patch notes from Crusader Kings II but has never gotten into the wheeling-dealing empire strategy game because even just buying it is intimidating with the array of add-ons supplementing it. Yes, you. You can now grab CK2 and all fifteen expansions for just over £12 in a new Humble Bundle, which is one fine deal. Heck, it's a good deal if you already have CK2 or even a few expansions, just to top it off.

The Humble Crusader Kings II Bundle is about what you'd expect: you get the base game and some bits real cheap, then more as you pay more.

Paying at least $1 (82p) will get you CK2 and a surprising number of expansions. You'll get The Old Gods, with its Vikings and new religions. The Republic, focused on merchant republics. Sunset Invasion, a weird alternate history where the Aztecs invade Europe to claim our blood. Legacy Of Rome, about those remnants of the Roman Empire which lasted way longer than you might think. And Sword Of Islam, with Muslim rulers.

Pay more than the current average price paid ($11.21/£9.21 as I write) to get another five expansions on top. Horse Lords is all about those clip-clopping lads of Eurasia. Way Of Life makes it more personal, giving more options to shape, develop, and express our characters. Charlemagne is about, y'know, Charlemagne. Rajas Of India reaches into the east, with new Indian rulers and all. And Sons Of Abraham is more religious stuff.

Lastly, pay at least $15 (£12.33-ish) and you'll get yet another five expansions. That's Conclave, with fussy councils. The Reaper's Due brings pox and plague. Jade Dragon adds China in a really half-hearted way. Monks And Mystics is all weirdo-beardos. And Holy Fury combines the twin passions of religion and war.

That's a lot of Crusader Kings II. All of the expansions. For £12. Some are better than others, sure, but that's... all of them. The bundle doesn't include the wee content packs which accompanied some expansions with new art and music and bits, to be clear, but they're cosmetic additions.

I half-suspect this is Paradox welcoming in a load of new people and getting everyone up to speed before they start wrapping up CK2. They did say in April 2018 that they "can't add much more" because the game's just so crowded and its technology stretched further than intended. "We might need to take the Etch-A-Sketch, shake it a little bit, and start over," Paradox big cheese Fredrik Wester said. Then Paradox launched another expansion a few months later. Can't add much more.

As ever with Humble Bundles, you can split your cash between the gamemakers, Humble, and a charity as you please. This bundle will only be available until Tuesday the 13th of August so don't dither. History punishes a dithering ruler.

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