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Hunt: Showdown whips out crossbows & throwing knives

Sneaky sneaky!

Sneaky new crossbows and throwing knives have arrived in Hunt: Showdown's latest update, for monster-hunters who enjoy having to recover ammo by yanking it out their foe's face. For me, basically - from Heavy Bullets to Skyrim, I do enjoy having to collect my ammo - and risking running out. Apparently you can even restock your Showdown knives by yanking out ones that other players in the PvPvE shooter helpfully throw your way. Thanks, pal! Today's update also adds a spectator mode so you can see what your teamie gets up to after you die (or vice versa), a foggy weather variant, a few other new weapons, and a number of balance tweaks.

Developers Crytek show off the main features of Update 2.1 in this here video:

Cover image for YouTube video

Yet they miss out the most important detail. Here's YouTube fella "Peachy" to demonstrate yanking knives out your own body to re-use them:

Cover image for YouTube video

Be sure to thank players who kindly leave you supplies of knives in your thighs. I hear crossbow bolts work the same too. Splendid.

See the Update 2.1 patch notes for more on all the additions, changes, and fixes.

Hunt: Showdown costs £26/€30/$30 on Steam Early Access. Crytek broadly expect the full launch to be ready in early 2019, though they say it could well be sooner or later.

While Hunt's playercount did drop off in the first few months after launch--as I would expect with most multiplayer games, let alone early access ones--it has started steadily growing back, which is a promising sign for long-term health. I'll probably wait until it leaves early access before biting, so fingers crossed. Fraser Brown thought it was promising in his initial Hunt: Showdown early access review.

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