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I Spy A New Look For Spy Party

Spy Party! Come here. You're taking far too long about this, and I've a mind to give your ear a right old clipping. Oh, what's that, you've been busy working on a brand new, completely overhauled and really rather fetching 'illustrative' look? Well, alright, I'll let you off this time though. Just this once mind, and you're still going to bed with supper tonight.

Joystiq have the news/shots, and the new look comes courtesy of former Maxis artist/animator John Cimino, who hopefully sensibly turned down a job in the ninth circle of hell at Zynga for the chance to work on Chris Hecker's long-in-the-making two-player hide and seek/assassination game.

Hecker told Joystiq that "We really wanted the art style to reflect the same level of subtlety that the gameplay has. I didn't want it to be too realistic or too exaggerated, and I think we hit it on this really nice, call it naturalistic or illustrative – they look like illustrations. I'm super excited." He's adamant that the new look shouldn't/won't affect the game outside of aesthetics, however.

Looks lovely. Can't wait to see how it looks in-game. Please be quick. Here's what it used to look like, for reference:

We might get to see the new look in action come PAX, but in the meantime you can sign up for the paid, old-look beta here.

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