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Indivisible summons its heroes to prepare for E3's attack

It shall be engraved upon your soul

Skullgirls developers Lab Zero have proven their skills on the artistic and mechanical fronts, and with upcoming action-RPG Indivisible they're applying them to a formula that almost nobody has touched in decades; PlayStation JRPG classic Valkyrie Profile. For those wise enough to have backed the crowdfunded game, a new demo has been released, and for the rest of us, a fancy new gameplay trailer that you can see within.

You can be forgiven (barely) for not having played Valkyrie Profile; it was one of Square's lesser-known games, and never saw a European release. As well as telling a strong Norse myth-themed story, it was mechanically unique. The exploration half played out like a 2D platformer filled with puzzles, and the combat was a unique hybrid of turn-based tactics and fighting game action, with each party member bound to a different button on the controller. Time your attacks well, and you can stun, juggle and otherwise pummel a target with your whole squad at once.

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From what I've seen of earlier demos of the game, Indivisible is set to deliver on all that and more, as its Southeast Asian setting gives it a unique look and feel, and introduces a whole range of historical heroes and monsters that I've never heard of. While the demo doesn't contain much in the way of story, there is a nice big map to explore and a whole mess of fights to get into. Today's version adds new quests, party members, enemies and a 'hybrid' boss battle that requires both platforming skill and turn-based combat tactics to defeat.

The new demo is available for all backers, so update your build if you've got a previous version. As for me, being the numpty that I am, I didn't bother backing the project so I'll see if any of my favourite streamers are playing tonight. As an aside, the original Valkyrie Profile was just released on Android. I hear it's a pretty solid port, too.

Indivisible will be out sometime in 2019, and you can wishlist it on Steam here.

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