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Skullgirls studio launching Indivisible in October

With a very good dog

I'd almost forgotten about Indivisible, the hand-drawn platforming action-RPG from Skullgirls studio Lab Zero Game. Oh we've seen bits and pieces in the four years since its crowdfunding campaign, but it slipped onto the back burner. Soon it will leap onto... the front burner? I'm not sure how to adapt this metaphor. I'm trying to say that Indivisible finally has a release date and it's coming up fairly soon: October 8th. Here, come have a look in the new trailer. I am delighted to see one potential party member is a giant fluffy dog.

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Good dog.

As you see, Indivisible gives us one main hero (Ajna) who we run and platform around as, and a whole party drawn from dozens of characters who spill out of her pockets (?) when it's time to throw down in real-time tactical combat. Publishers 505 Games explain:

"The game's huge fantasy world, characters and aesthetic design are inspired by various cultures and mythologies. Throughout Ajna's quest, she'll encounter many 'incarnations'; people she can absorb into herself and manifest to fight alongside her. There are many incarnations to recruit, each with their own story and personality. By uniting people from faraway lands, Ajna will learn about herself, the world she inhabits and, most importantly, how to save it."

I bet the method to save it involves jumping, punching faces, and a big dog. Good dog.

Indivisible is coming for Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam on October 8th. It'll cost £35/€40/$40.

Fun fact: typing 'Indivisible' correctly is near-impossible and I hate it.

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