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Shounen-y punch 'em up Indivisible now has a DLC with 40 new challenges

Challenge accepted

If you didn't feel challenged enough by Indivisible's main platforming and punching campaign, here's some good news for ya. Lab Zero have released a new DLC for their turn-ish-based RPG today that promises the "forty specially crafted levels await to test your platforming and combat skills." The Razmi's Challenges DLC is available now, so you can pop right over if that sounds like your bag.

Throughout Indivisible you learn new abilities to increase your platforming abilities—additional jumps, environment effects, and such—and take on bigger and badder enemies with your team of four. The DLC's apparently got more of both. "Perfect your technique, and learn some new ones, as you use Ajna’s abilities to get through each cunning construct. Each level allows only pre-selected abilities, so you’ll need to combine actions in new ways to succeed," Lab Zero say. You'll gain access to the various 40 challenges as you progress through the main campaign and learn Ajna's relevant out-of-combat abilities.

Indivisible's tense and fun real-time-ish combat is its strongest element but a bit tough to explain without putting a gamepad in your hands. Giada Zavarise does her best in our Indivisible review, though actually re-explaining it here would take too long. On the whole, she says "When everything clicks, though, it becomes suddenly satisfying. Indivisible, at its best, is like a good JRPG, but with less menus and a lot more smashing."

I quite liked Indivisible's combat too. Executing well-timed combos between party members' abilities—like juggling a baddie into the air with protagonist Ajna then sniping them out of the sky with bow-wielding Zebei—was good fun. I found the platforming pretty same-y though, with most sections revolving around lots and lots of wall-jumping.

I don't know that new areas will solve that without also adding new abilities, but Lab Zero does say that the DLC "emphasises mechanics that are used across the main game, including more advanced combinations of maneuvers." Perhaps they've found some neat new ways to shake up the traversal bits.

You can find the Razmi's Challenges DLC over on Steam where it's currently 10% off. It's normally priced at £6/€8/$8.

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