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Kentucky Route Zero Act IV Is "Almost Done"

Look at this wee boat!

Oh, happy day! Act IV of Kentucky Route Zero [official site] is "almost done", say developers Cardboard Computer. They have a picture of a wee boat and everything. It's a lovely boat. It's not that we believed Act IV wouldn't come, as apparently some had started to mutter after more than a year between acts, it's just grand to hear from it again and know we're not too far from playing. Even with only two of five planned acts out, KRZ was our game of 2013.

"Act IV is almost done!" the devs tweeted yesterday. "Excited to share it soon." That's it. That's all I know. Is that not enough? Do you want, oh, the full-size version of that boat pic too? That really is it, though.

"It's a bummer that our process is at odds with some expectations about how long this should be taking," they said amidst a string of tweets back in August following grumbles. "But we're not changing our process." Good, of course not.

Cardboard Computer gave a fascinating presentation at last year's Mild Rumpus, deconstructing scenes to show off quite how they make everything so beautiful. Loads of flat polygonal shapes, seemed to be the answer, like paper cut-outs. The whole scene would collapse and explode outwards as they turned the camera even a touch. I wish we had it on video. Also, I bought a fedora for a dog.

Look, it's early and I just got down from a morning atop a hill and I'm slightly dazed, so I'll turn you over to that Advent calendar entry and Wot Adam Thought of Act III to explain quite why Kentucky Route Zero is so great.

Here, this picture of a petrol station is another Act IV shot, snapped in August:

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