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Kick Elden Ring enemies around like Dark Messiah in the impressive first-person mod

Mighty foot engaged

A new mod for Elden Ring adds one of the most important things a game can have: a really hefty kick to boot people onto their bums and over edges. This has come with an update to First Person Souls, an impressive mod which gives FromSoftware's game a good first-person camera view. And thanks to the mod's recent update, you can now punt ragdolling baddies across The Lands Between, following in the bootprints of games like Deathloop and Dark Messiah Of Might & Magic.

The First Person Souls mod for Elden Ring formally launched in March. With a load of little tweaks to the camera, aiming, movement, animations and more, it aims to add a decent playable first-person camera to Elden Ring. That seems dead neat in itself, but my interest really kicked in (jokes) after Sunday's update added an option to enable stronger kicks that can send smaller enemies flying. Elden Ring does already have a kick move but it's hardly impressive. The mod's new kick lets you do this:

And this:

And this:

And why wouldn't you want to do that? I always want to do that. Finally, enemies should be just as wary of edges as I must! Now Elden Ring just needs someone to add more convenient spikes and pits and fires and building supports to kick baddies into.

Neatly, the mod is also compatible with mods like the swanky Seamless Co-op.

The First Person Souls mod is available now free from the Nexus. I don't have Elden Ring installed right now but I am 97% confident that this mighty kick is not a belated April Fool's joke. The mod is led by "Dasaav", who is also behind a first-person mod for Dark Souls 3.

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