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Kingdom Come's Storm Of Cryengine-Powered Swords

Mighty purdy

This looks like people actually fighting. Like, properly clobbering each other with swords and boots and such. Whatever else successfully Kickstarted (and its own subsequent campaign, which combined has brough in well over $2m) medial RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance [official site] ends up doing well or poorly, it's gone to town on solid-looking, crunchy animation.

Warhorse's Cryengine-powered magic'n'monster-free sandbox roleplayer has 'straight to the top of the Steam charts' written all over it, whatever it ends up playing like. Brutal combat, freedom of movement and conscious aversion to fantasy tends to turn up on lot of folks' wishlists. Doesn't hurt that it's quite the looker, too.

Purportedly it's going to have multi-solution quests and not just highly technical combat, but it's hard to get much sense of that stuff yet. This being E3 week, the focus right now is on men fighting to the accompaniment of epic and dramatic music, although there is a bit where some chickens wander around calmly. It sort looks a bit like Winterfell Before The Lannisters Popped By Simulator all told, which I am certainly down with. The only bit I recoiled from was the lockpicking minigame. Here is my design solution for lockpicking minigames: don't have them.

Anyway, watch this:

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That does look good. Maybe even very good? I hope so.

No firm release date yet, but post-kickstarter funding is still open and closing in on the $2.5m milestone. If you want to get involved you can get alpha access starting at $50.

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