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Let's Talk (And Play) Rome II Multiplayer

The Youtube generation has a lot to answer for. We used to call these "Gameplay Trailers" but now those hip young kids have their "Let's Plays" and their "unboxing vids" and the ancient golems of PR, marketing and development are racing to catch up. Creative Assembley's latest Rome II effort has two rad fellows spitting rhymes (disclaimer: may not contain rhymes) and throwing info about new features in the strategy sequel. Then they realise what we're all here for and get down to proxy-beating on one another via the medium of tiny digital men. Onward, to glory!

Congratulations to the both of them on managing to sound at least vaguely human while commentating a pre-recorded match of their own game. It's better than some can manage.

Quite cool to see Total War taking tentative steps down the competitive multiplayer route with ELO-based ladders for 1v1 matches. There's actually quite a following for casted games of the original Rome and this is sure to generate more interest. I doubt we'll be seeing it at the next MLG event, but having the option appeals to a niche with a lot of spending power and loud voices thanks to the rise of e-sports. You can get your grubby mitts on Rome II September 3rd and see Adam's latest thoughts here.

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