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Little Nightmares 2 gets a creepy demo ahead of next year's launch

Sweet dreams

Fancy a go at brutally morbid platforming spooker Little Nightmares 2 ahead of next February's release? Developers Tarsier Studios today released a short, free demo of the delightfully unsettling sequel's opening act on Steam. Personally, the first game looked far too creepy for me - but maybe, with a pint-sized pal to join our lil' raincoat bud this time around, things might be okay? Right?

Tarsier announced and released the free demo earlier today. In a far less spooky surprise, it looks like we're getting our PC demo way earlier than console folks, who'll be waiting 'til next year for theirs. Har har, platform snobbery and all that.

Like its morbid predecessor, Little Nightmares 2 is a haunting puzzle-platformer about a pint-sized kid rummaging their way through an unsettling world filled with violent surprises. We're donning the paper bag cap of a new kid this time around, though our coat-wearing pal from the last adventure will be joining us for a bit of problem-solving. Only as an AI companion, mind, and not as a player-controlled co-op partner.

Our Adam loved the first game (except when he didn't, mostly concerning the trial-and-error bits), describing it almost as a grim campfire tale full of grotesque creatures and morbid lessons in his Little Nightmares review back in the day.

"It’s a grotesque, horrid and eventually hopeful in its own morbid fashion, and despite many moments that feel like reimaginings or echoes from elsewhere, it has enough extraordinary images and sequences to stand alone," Adam wrote. "It’s precisely the kind of horror game I love – grotesque but not gross, and interested in thoughtful pacing and escalation rather than jumpscares and shocks."

Does the sequel carry that forward? You can go find out for yourself with that free demo over on Steam, where you can pre-order Little Nightmares 2 for £25/€30/$30.

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