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The Weekspot podcast: Is E3 pointless in 2021?

The show must go on

Developers and publishers adapted last year. Instead of announcing their games on a big stage, they turned to Zoom calls. In lieu of an all-encompassing mega event, some decided to highlight their wares on their own special livestreams. So, is E3 pointless in 2021?

Headlines and Hot Takes is full of chat on the ESA's rumoured plans for E3 2021. EA, Microsoft and everyone in between were able to peddle whatever they needed to last summer, so we discuss whether E3 serves a purpose while we're all indoors. Also, 12 years after it was first binned, the controversial Six Days In Fallujah is coming back in the form of an FPS. A far less sticky Tech Corner is able to lighten the mood as we end up chatting about Valentine's gifts.

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Show and Tell has some conversation on terrifying adults, like stretchy-necked teachers and wall-walking doctors. While the trial-and-error nature of Little Nightmares 2 can be a bit of a pain, the atmosphere is a delight. Because we're in a quieter period, Matthew's taken this opportunity to go back and play Astrologaster, which he missed when it was first released.

Mystery Steam Reviews revolves around video games with famous people in them. But, not just their voices; we focused on those games that feature blemish-free celeb heads, too. And we round out the show by opening The Weekspot mailbag to answer your Burning Questions on cloud gaming and the live-action Tetris film.

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