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Little Nightmares 2 is out now and wonderfully awful

It's great! And awful. But great!

O happy day! It's time to return to a spooky world where teeny tots are pursued by monstrous giant adults through, for Little Nightmares 2 is out now. The puzzle-platforming adventure is unpleasant in a way I find quite appealing, crick-cracking serpentine necks and doctors in larval lab coats and terrible things being treated as mundane. The first was a good'un, and from what I've heard of the sequel I'm keen to get in. By which I mean I will put it off for ages because as much as I like and appreciate horror, I am a big baby who has to trick herself into experiencing it.

"Childhood fears are such a rich vein to slice open, and Tarsier Studios do it in a very thoughtful way," Alice Bee said in our Little Nightmares 2 review as she gave the game a coveted Bestest Bests badge. Said it "is such a splendid mix of cute and creepy, beautiful and awful, that it sort of defies categorisation. A childhood terror gothic, perhaps?"

Little Nightmares 2 is out on Steam and GOG for £25/€30/$30. It's also on Xbone, PS4, and Switch. A Stadia release is due today too, with the game thrown into Stadia Pro subs.

A demo is still available on Steam and GOG, if you fancy a go.

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