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Man-Shoot, -Slice, -Sling: The Darkness II

What mad form of ultraviolence will I be introduced to next, I often wonder. This time it's quad wielding in The Darkness 2, making me realise it wasn't long ago that dual wielding was an exciting prospect thought to be possible only in John Woo films, but then Rise of the Triad came along with its guns akimbo and ludicrous gibs. Judging by this new video, The Darkness 2 won't disappoint on either the gore or the preposterous death-dealing fronts. With a gun in each hand and murderous tentacles sprouting from his flesh, Jackie Estacado can rip the door off a car and cut a goon's face off with it while firing two automatic weapons, or ensnare an unruly gangsster, casually lob him into the air, and then fill him with bullets before he hits the floor. If you don't believe these things are possible, watch and learn.

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It seems like gunstacking was only yesterday and now this? It can't be long before someone makes a game where the player is a gun made out of other guns that shoot guns. The trailer doesn't actually tell us much beyond the fact that people will die horribly at Jackie's hands and other appendages. It does occasionally look like the city has been converted into a zero gravity chamber, causing men to drift slowly in the ether rather than slamming into walls with bone-crunching force.

And is it just me or are the logos at the beginning of the trailer louder and more active than most actual trailers? I felt like I'd been to a particularly raucous rock concert.

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