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Middle-earth: Shadow of War turns spider Shelob all sexy

I've always said spiders aren't sexy enough

If you're anything like me, you've likely often wished that spiders were hot babes. "This giant spider is okay," you thought while watching the biggun in Peter Jackson's And Then And Then, "but I wouldn't kiss her. That's far too many eyes for me to stare lustily into. I wouldn't stroke her spinnerets. And she's not even wearing a dress for thigh to cheekily peek though." Mate, we're in luck, you and I: Shelob is back in Middle-earth: Shadow of War [official site], and this time she is hot. Here, watch Shelob take human form to be all magic and cryptic:

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She's one of those there uneasy allies, granting visions of what the baddies are up to but probably not holding your best interests to heart. She is, after all, a possibly-demigodlike honking great spider. Well, when she's not a sexy lady. Your ghostmate Celebrimbor doesn't seem best impressed.

Bleeding Cool's recap of Shadow of War's San Diego Comic-Con panel over the weekend says that Shelob is voiced by Pollyanna McIntosh. Independent horror fans may know her as the protagonists of Let Us Prey and The Woman, and apparently she's in some television show named The Walking Dead.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is due October 10th, made by Monolith and published by Warner Bros. If you'd like, you can prepare for the launch by importing your Nemesis and dearest friend from Shadow of War.

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