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Middle-earth: Shadow of War unveils its DLC plans

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War is a very big game, full of very big Orcs. It’s probably big enough. Regardless, it’s getting a slew of DLC, introducing two new Orc tribes and some story expansions that let you play as the tale's secondary characters. The tribal addition is due next month, and you can get a brief taste of all the upcoming DLC in the trailer below.

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The new orc tribes are integrated into the Nemesis system, as the trailer explains, “adding a completely new dynamic to your open world experience.” I love me some marketing nonsense. What that really means is that there will simply be more Orcs to murder and convert, along with a new fortress and extra outposts.

The Slaughter Tribe are a particularly horrible bunch, all bloodthirsty maniacs who decorate their bases with skin and bones and guts. They’re sneaky buggers too, so watch out for ambushes. They’ll arrive next month, along with infinite shadow wars, extending the end game indefinitely. A month later, the Slaughter Tribe will be joined by a band of Orc outcasts. What awful things must they have done to be exiled from Orc society? Probably something shocking, like showering or eating with cutlery.

Next year, we’ll be getting story DLC in the form of the Blade of Galadriel, which will let you fight Nazgûl as Eltariel, the Elven assassin. It will appear in February, and you’ll be able to play around with new skills and unlock special gear for the hooded stabber. Then, in May, the final piece of DLC arrives. Desolation of Mordor will put you in the boots of Minas Ithil’s captain, Baranor. This time, you’ll be putting together a human army rather than an Orc one, to face a threat to the east. Both story DLCs will include skins that you can use in the main game.

I’m about a third of the way through the game right now, and still very much loving it. I feel a bit bad about all the murder, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the dating sim at the heart of the game. I suspect I’ll feel very much done with it by the end, however, which I hear is a bit of a slog, so no DLC for me.

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